$405 Budget Intel Gaming System

Hey what’s up everyone johnnythegeek here and this is the budget intel gaming system.

Many of you that saw my Ryzen 5 Budget Gaming System suggested that I use the intel G4560 and 1050ti so I did an almost identical build with those parts.

I want to mention that I did not have to use 3000mhz RAM because the motherboard chipset does not officially support anything higher than 2400mhz. You can save about $5-$10 on ram by going with some OEM branded memory.

Here are the parts list:

Intel 4560 + MSI B250 Pro $125
Aegis DDR4 3000mhz $55
WD Blue 1TB $50
EVGA 450BT $20
DeepCool Case $35
Gigabyte 1050ti 4GB $120

Total $405

Realistically you might not be able to get the graphics card for the same price I did. So as of today, you would need to add another $45 to this system making it a $450 system just like the Ryzen 5 build I did. Those part are even cheaper now too.

So if you watched to the very end of this video you saw the teaser to the next video I will be making. Lets see how well the AMD and Intel systems perform in games. I can already tell you that a few of the parts have changed in both systems. Stay tuned for that!

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