Budget Ryzen Gaming System Demo and Upgrades

Hey what’s up everyone! Well here is the Budget Ryzen system demo. I call it a demo because I don’t really do a whole lot of detailed bench marking. Perhaps in the future I will get some help with that.

One thing I left out here that makes me a damn liar is that I didn’t show the cinebench score after overclocking the CPU. the CPU did 813 after overclocking it. You can actually see the previous scores above the stock clocks in the cinebench score.

Like I said in the video I want to test this system more with some content creation and edit 4K video with it.

Yes I will also be comparing this to an Intel 4560 and a 1050ti. Both systems should be about the same price. Even though I save some money on the CPU and Mobo, I will be paying a little bit more on the GPU. Stay tuned for that.

Here is the list of the extra parts:

Monitor: Dell SE2717H/HX – $165 http://j.mp/2rCmVHU
Alternative Monitor: Dell SE2717HR – $150 http://j.mp/2rCjvEY

GPU: RX480/580 – $205 http://j.mp/2rCxL0N

RAM: OEM DDR4 2400 Ebay – $50
Alternative RAM: Newegg – $55 http://j.mp/2rCDxPU

CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 $65 http://j.mp/2rCxvP3

Keyboard: Kumara K552 $30 – http://j.mp/2rCHOTy

Mouse: Tecknet Gaming Mouse – $10 http://j.mp/2rCmygx

MousePad: Cmhoo – $10 – http://j.mp/2rCId8w

Hard Drive – 1TB WD Blue – $50 – http://j.mp/2rCp2eL

Total for all peripherals and accessories is $525

Plus $450 computer and the grand total is $975+tax

Oh geez, forgot about adding the cost to Windows 10 for $30 here on kinguin.net – http://j.mp/2sbJPTx

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