$450 Ryzen 1400 Gaming System

Part 2: Budget Ryzen Gaming System Demo and Upgrades – https://youtu.be/pi48S_lwDSc

Well its been over a year now and I finally uploaded a new video. The Ryzen hype train was too strong to not build a system and for $450 this machine is pretty snappy.

Hopefully I am able to make a part two where I benchmark the system using cinebench, firestrike, overwatch, adobe premiere, after effects, and maybe divinci resolve 14.

I can already tell you that this machine plays Overwatch on Ultra 1080p hitting 70FPS on a Dell 75hz Freesync monitor.

So here are the specs:

Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming Pro – Amazon – $60
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 – Fry’s Electronics – $150
RAM: OEM DDR4 8GB 24000 – Ebay – $50
PSU: EVGA 450BT – Amazon – $22
SSD: Drevo X1 Pro 128GB – Amazon – $50
GPU: Gigabyte RX460 2GB – Amazon Warehouse $83
Case: Deepcool Tesseract – Newegg – $35

Total without tax: $450
Total with California Tax: $489

What about the RX 560 you ask? Yes, if you can find one for $100 or less, then by all means get that instead of this 460. At the time of the making of this video, the 560 wasn’t out yet.

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