AMD FM2+ Build Guide Part 2: The Build

Well here is finally is, the AMD FM2+ Build Guide. You can apply this guide to pretty much any of the AMD platforms not just the FM2+. For example the AM1 and AM3+ platforms. Of course you would need a different motherboard and processor, but that’s the only difference. All the other parts should be compatible. You can apply this guide to ATX and mATX but ITX would be very different because of the size. ITX is basically a little more difficult.

Now I know that all these parts have been out since 2013 and it is now almost late 2014. You might even be watching this in 2015. But guess what, as of the posting of this video, the parts have not been surpassed by newer parts yet!

For the parts lists check it out here:

For the Windows Installation Guide check that out here:

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