How to RMA a Gigabyte Motherboard

Ok so this is a long video that includes some troubleshooting techniques that I used to determine the that the motherboard needs to be replaced.

2 things I forgot to mention is that when you plug back the SATA cables, try and make sure you plug them into the exact same ports. The boot order of you drives might be affected if you plug them into different ports. It won’t break anything if you plug them into different ports. It just might be a hassle configuring it all back correctly. It’s just easier if you use the same ports.

The other thing is to set the time in the BIOS. Since it was reset, the time gets reset too. Don’t just change the time in the OS. Leave that alone. When there is a mismatch, things might not work correctly.

A little back story on this particular system is that it is a Hackintosh I built for a media production company almost 2 years ago. This system has been running great so far. Usually all day everyday, editing videos in multimedia production.

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