AMD FM2+ 760K Live Build

I’m doing it live! This is either going to be cool or an epic fail! I did not realize that I should have been looking at the Live Stream Manager. I would have been able to see people Leaving comments. Sorry for not being able to reply. They were great questions and I would loved to have talked about it.

Here are the links to the parts:

Motherboard Asrock FM2A88X Extreme 6+


G. Skill 2133 DDR3 PC3 17000:

WD Blue 1TB HDD:

ASUS R7 260X:

I recommend this EVGA NVIDIA 750ti instead:

Corsair CX 500:

Or the EVGA 500W PSU is also a good choice:

ModRight Xtreme Antistatic Mat:

The other Anti-Static Mat I used to stand on:

Honestly though I think an exercise mat would do the same. I see no difference in material.

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