How to Install Ubuntu Using Crouton – Acer C7 Chromebook

Check out my REVISED video on this process:

This is an easy method of installing the Ubuntu Linux OS along side the Chrome OS on the Acer C7 Chromebook. I like this method a lot better. This method does also work for the ARM Chromebooks such as the Samsung series. For the Chromebook Pixel you have to type in a slightly different command to install. That command for the pixel is:
sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t touch,xfce

The only thing I can’t really do is boot straight into ubuntu. I always have to type in the commands. Maybe there is a method or command that will boot linux on startup but I don’t know it. Feel free to look it up and comment if there is a way.

For those looking to wipe and start from scratch, here is the link that video:

Here is the link to the Lifehacker instructions I followed:

Create a Recovery Drive on the Chromebook

Switching Between Environments

To go switch back and forth between Chrome OS and your Linux desktop environment, use the following keyboard shortcuts:

ARM (like the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook): Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Forward

Intel x86/AMD64 (like the Chromebook Pixel and $200 Acer Chromebook): Ctrl+Alt+Back and Ctrl+Alt+Forward plus Ctrl+Alt+Refresh

If you want to exit the chroot, just log out of the Xfce desktop (or the Unity desktop, if you’re using that). You’ll then need to run the startxfce4 command above to enter the chroot again.

Removing Crouton and Restoring Your Chromebook
If you decide you’re done with Linux, you can easily get rid of the scary boot screen and get your internal storage space back.

Just reboot your Chromebook normally to get back to the scary warning screen at boot-up. Follow the prompts on your screen (tap the Space bar and then press Enter) to disable Developer Mode. When you disable Developer Mode, your Chromebook will clean everything up, restoring you to a clean, safe locked-down Chrome OS system and overwriting all the changes you’ve made to your Chromebook’s software.

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