Fixing Bent Pins on a CPU

UPDATE: The CPU works great! been testing it over the weekend running benchmarks. Running stock for now. The motherboard I have is not really for overclocking.

After reviewing the video on the big screen I noticed that there were quit a few more pins that were bent. Luckily for me I was still able insert the CPU into the socket will little resistance. Sometimes by inserting the CPU it will straighten out the rest of the pins.

So how did I end up with this CPU you ask? Well I bought it used on Amazon and the person that sold it to me (whether they knew it or not) pretty much ripped me off. I tried contacting them and they did not respond. So now I am stuck with this gamble. It was a deal that seemed too good to be true and it sort of was. I only payed $72 for this FX 6100 with a stock fan.

UPDATE: I filed a claim with Amazon and I guess the seller never responded to Amazon and I won the claim. I got my money back and I guess I get to keep the CPU because nobody got back to me about giving it back. Free CPU!!!!

I have had experience with pins that were bent so bad that when I tried bending them back into place, they just snapped off. If you get an old cpu with pins on it, I recommend practicing with bending and straightening pins to see how far they will go before snapping.

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a guaranteed fix or solution. This is only an absolute last ditch effort to try and repair your CPU. I am not responsible for you damaging your CPU. Try this at your own risk.

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