Vblog: My Raspberry Pi Project

I forgot to give thanks to the XMBC/Rasbmc creators. I will have a video showing the plastic and wooden case I bought for the Pi’s.

Skip to the Pi: 03:53


Google+ post: http://j.mp/12uw5Un

Raspberry Pi Community: http://j.mp/12uw9U1

Linux News Here Community: http://j.mp/12uwbLz

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I work in IT for a community college here in LA and they have a TV channel through time warner cable. It is only local cable tv. There is a full on TV studio and programming station here but no one to run it because of budget cuts. The equipment stopped broadcasting a simple slide show and time warner said that the FCC does not allow dead air and we would lose the channel. We did not want to lose it because time warner was donating it to us. So I had to display something and bypassed all that old equipment, isolated the composite line out to the world and is running a slide show of the school logo. When I come back on Tuesday I will show one of my own videos and broadcast it on local cable television. The room I was in is not an editing station. That all happens in another room. The Raspberry Pi is only being used to display content and not capture or produce it.

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