Chromebook Pixel Disassembly and [FAILED] mSATA Upgrade

UPDATE: Well my dreams of adding an mSATA SSD was crushed just now because I read online that the pci express slot I added the mSATA drive to is really for the LTE chip and wired into USB. Nothing shows up as a storage device at all. So that means trying to boot an OS from USB would be a bad experience. Darn it. :/ Source:

WARNING: Opening the case and fiddling with the stuff inside could easily brick your system and make it unrecoverable. DO NOT ATTEMPT if you are not familiar with this process. Really, just don’t.

Taking apart your Chromebook is not encouraged. If you have hardware troubles, please seek assistance first from an authorized center. There’s nothing inside that you can fix yourself. Be advised that disassembly might void warranties or other obligations, so please consult any and all paperwork you received first.

Okay so this is not a traditional full on tear down of the device. I did not know what exactly I should title this video. I have not seen anyone open the back of this so 5 minutes after I un-boxed it I decided to try and crack it open.

Before anyone decides to troll: Yes I know this is still not worth justifying the purchase of this device. This video is not intended to be the reason why you would want or need this device. There are many reviews that talk about the purpose of this device. I will probably mention it as well in my review video. So stay tuned and as always, thanks for watching!

Click here for a high resolution photo.

This photo is from the dev forums and is not a picture of the chromebook in my video. I wish I had stumbled upon this page before opening it because it has some very good instructions.

Instructions: Source –

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