Guide to Building a Budget AMD Computer for 2013

200th Video!!! I finally finished one of many good quality build videos. This is to replace my previous AMD Build Guide. Keep in mind that is is the first time I have made a scripted video like this and it will get better as I learn to make more. So bare with me please.

And as for the Anti Static Strap. I leave it up to you to decide whether or not you should use one. I have never had an issue with static discharging to my systems so until I do, I don’t use a strap.

A lot of people tell me that 2 hard drives are not needed in this build. I agree. The 750GB 2.5 Momentus XT was good enough. I put 2 drives in this video to show how to install the 2 different sizes.

Skip to the build: 04:20 (teehee)

Chapter Markers:

Parts Overview
Motherboard: 00:16

CPU: 1:24

RAM: 1:45

GPU: 1:54

Hard Drives: 2:22

Optical: 2:44

PSU: 2:54

Case: 3:15

The Build 4:20

CPU: 4:24

CPU Fan: 4:74

RAM: 5:13

Case I/O Shield: 5:39

Power Supply: 5:53

Motherboard Stand-offs: 6:34

Motherboard: 7:23

Front Panel Connectors: 8:59

USB Connectors: 10:03

Audio Connectors: 10:33

GPU: 10:54

Hard Drive: 11:40

Optical Drive: 12:49

SATA Power and data cables: 13:11

Plugging in the Essentials: 14:15

Plugging in Power Cord: 14:32

Power on Self Test: 14:48


Parts List:
Motherboard – MSI A55M-P33 –

CPU – AMD A6-3670K APU –

RAM – Patriot Viper II Sector 5 –

Case – NZXT Source 210 –

Hard Drive 1 – Momentus XT 750GB –

Hard Drive 2 – Seagate 1.5TB –

GPU – AMD 6770 –

PSU – High Current Gamer 400w –

Optical Dirve – Blu-ray reader DVD Burner –

Update: The link to the GPU is not the one I used in the video. The Radeon card I used in the video was a special sale on Newegg. Also, the prices and availability you see when clicking on the links is not the same as what I paid for them. Many of the parts I bought came from all around the internet. I suggest you shop around for best prices. But I do appreciate it if you use my links and purchase through Amazon. Many of the parts I bought came from Black Friday deals back in November. I will list what I paid for all the items here. These prices include after rebate deals.

Motherboard and CPU combo :     $90
RAM                                               $36
Case       $30
Hard Drive 1                                   $100
Hard Drive 2                                   $65
GPU                                               $80
PSU                                               $10
Optical Drive                                   $30

Total                                                 $441

I will also be uploading the captions and if I am able to hire someone to translate this into Spanish, I will be making another version of this video in Spanish. Yes, I will narrate this in Spanish with my own voice. o_O

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