Virtual Private Networks and BitTorrents.

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DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a lawyer or network security specialist. This does not guarantee that you are 100% protected from any harm or agencies on the internet. Do your research about the topic and internet technologies before attempting to use any of these services or techniques.

FYI: You don’t have to use Windows in your virtual machine. You can also use a Linux OS like Ubuntu. I don’t know how to setup a VPN or share the folders in Linux but I am sure there are many guides out there. If I get enough requests then maybe I will make a video on how to setup a Linux VM, VPN and share folders.

Difference Between VPN and Proxy Servers:
VPNs are more difficult to set up but any software can use the internet can use a VPN.

Proxy servers are cheaper and often easier to set up for mass users, but they require specific software support at the user’s end to make the requests to the proxy server.

In general a VPN can only support a connection between one computer or network and the remote network. To handle multiple users you need to set up multiple VPNs. (There are special-case exceptions to this but most of the time this is the case).

A single proxy server can service hundreds or thousands of users.


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