Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on Acer C710 Chromebook [Complete Guide]

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UPDATE: I looked at the website blog where I got the instructions from and it has changed. I think the command has changed to:

wget; sudo bash tnyga

UPDATE: How to fix the issue with booting back into ChromeOS:

UPDATE: Why I can’t install Windows on here:

Okay ladies and gentlemen here it is! So far I have not seen a complete guide for installing Ubuntu Linux on this Acer C7 Chromebook. Hopefully I have taken out all the bloopers and bad takes here. It is late, I am tired, and I have to wake up early for work. I will put out another video sometime next week as to why I can not install Windows but I am pretty sure many of you out there already know why. I still want to talk about the challenges of installing Windows and why Google and Acer made it so difficult to do.

I must give credit to a few websites and developer. Without them I would not be able to install linux on this machine.

The Chrubuntu Creator. Without this specially formulated version of Ubuntu and the script to install it, the installation process would have been much harder.

This is the command on how to install it on a ARM based Chromebook:
wget; sudo bash 34v87

ArsTechnica How to Guide. This is a simple and straight forward guide.

Top 5 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu

4 Tricks to Speed Up Ubuntu

Update 12.04:
Open terminal and type:
sudo apt-get update

Upgrade to 12.10: (but first update 12.04 with instructions above)
Open terminal and type:
sudo do-release-upgrade

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