Acer C7 Chromebook Setup and Upgrades

Skip to 14:00 for the upgrading!

The Google Chrome OS is a great lightweight OS that is really meant for a single user. Despite the flaw in a multi-user security settings and the lack of control over hardware built into the device I would say this is worth the $200. As for the upgrades I did, albeit a little impatient with waiting to get the proper hard drive, it is not needed for the Chrome OS. It would benefit an installation of Windows if I can figure out how to do just that. I think the convenience of having a quick browser that can log into just about any site and experience the web in it’s entirety is the best feature this has. Along with the 100GB of Google Drive Storage for 2 years is a great deal because that is normally $4.99 a month. That is getting back $120. You might say that 100GB of storage is excessive or you will never use that but I bet if you had it for free you could think of a use for it.

Samsung 840 120GB SSD:

Sandisk 32GB SSD:

2GB RAM: (Used for $6)

8GB Crucial Memory:

8GB Corsair Memory:

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