[Full Video] Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Landing

Landing sequence happens at 55:00 Touchdown at 1:00:35

Why am I posting a video about NASA JPL and the Mars Landing?

Well I was a summer intern there at JPL back in 2008. It was a great honor for me to research and learn about how things work over there. I was researching on how fractionated spacecraft worked and how they could communicate with each other. I got to hang out in that control room and all those stations the JPL scientists are on are all running Solaris OS from Sun Micro Systems. I had nothing to do with space exploration there but I did get to see Curiosity.

Thanks to @encellon for the info:
FYI – “OD” is the latest orbital determination model — JPL’s best understanding of the trajectory prior to contact with the martian atmosphere. At this point, it was too late to alter the on-board flight controls from Earth, but OD is useful for comparing telemetry to the expected flight results during the descent.

FYI – “Tones” and “heartbeats” are basic signals sent directly to Earth from the spacecraft. As the vehicle enters the crater, the line of sight form Earth is broken and there are no more tones. Tones are sent to report specific events. Heartbeats simply say that things are still okay. “Odyssey” refers to a satellite in orbit of Mars that is relaying flight information (telemetry) during descent and a few images after landing.

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