$350 Budget Friendly Notebook For 2012 – Asus X401A-RGN4 – RBL4 – RPK4

How to upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive:

UPDATE: Battery Life – Not the best. About 3-4 hours. This is for web browsing, watching youtube videos, editing word documents, and about an hour of idle.

The integrated graphics built into this laptop is Intel HD3000. Look on YouTube for videos on how COD and BF3 looks on Intel HD3000 chips. You will see if it is playable or not and how it would look like on this laptop.
Oh dang. I just realized that I have the RGN4 model. The GN stands for GreeN. I mention the RBL4 and  that stands for the BLack model.

I bought this laptop from Best Buy. I am not a fan of buying from Best Buy but this was a good deal. Their only good deal in my opinion. They also have an external DVD drive and case for an extra $60. I was lucky enough to get it for another $20 because the sign they had was incorrect but they had to give it to me.

This is a great deal for college students that can do Office productivity, light graphic design and light video editing.

Matte Lime Green

Matte Pink

Matte Deep Blue Square

I am still working on the second part of the setup guide but for now you can watch a previous laptop setup guide I made here:


Upgrade parts:

8GB PNY RAM Memory

750GB Momentus XT:

500GB Momentus XT

OCZ Technology Agility 4 128GB SSD

External DVD Burners:

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