[How to] Open/Unbox Your Nexus 7 Tablet

Yeah this is kind of a silly video. Hopefully you were able to at least get it out of the box it came shipped in. I rarely ever do unboxing videos since there are so many of them out there already. I found the opportunity to make a how to video because people were having trouble un-boxing it. The most difficult part I could see happening is taking the top cover off. Most people are so impatient and they either try to pry it open on one side or pull apart both the top and bottom part at the same time. The problem with prying it open on one side is that there is not enough room on the other side. Then there is the pulling apart. By doing so, creates a vacuum and not enough air can get into the box so the faster you pull the harder it will get (Bazinga).

Check out this: Montage: Unboxing the Nexus 7 is fun!

Nexus 7 Tablet – My Buyers Experience

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