LTE SpeedTest on AT&T and Verizon in Hollywood CA

I was out in Hollywood California today to test the LTE speeds for AT&T and Verizon. I am not calling this a VS or showdown because there are too many variable to call one better than the other. From my experiences, Verizon LTE is typically faster with LTE speeds ranging from 20-30 Mbps down and 10-15Mbps up. The most I have ever seen on AT&T was 15Mpbs down and 10Mbps up. Today however the speeds were about the same. Now here are the theories I came up with as to why that is. Verizon could have a lot of LTE subscribers in the area and so there was some traffic when I did my test. Also, the fact that AT&T LTE signal could be interfering with Verizon LTE signal, but that could be said the same the other way around. Then there is also the fact that AT&T has only just begun to install LTE technology and will need stronger or double the equipment to support faster speed. Since LTE phones are slowly gaining sales on AT&T they can upgrade the LTE areas based on the popularity or availability of the LTE capable phones in the wild. Who knows, after the second rounds of LTE upgrades on AT&T, the speeds might be hitting 30Mbps down 20Mbps up.

I am happy with both services. It is hard to say what is better than the other when they are both on different frequencies and the other factoring variables are way too much to say they are in a simliar infrastructure. There are population and building densities along with the amount of users to support. Plus they are continuously upgrading their infrastructure so one week Verizon will be best, another week AT&T will be best and so on. Thanks for watching!

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