Building a Computer While Blindfolded…

WARNING: This video is extremely long and boring.

Back in April I got this idea to build a computer while blind folded. I have built a computer in less than 30 minutes before so I wanted to up the ante by building one blind folded. I know that this video was not so great but I am a one man show and I did the best I could to record and edit this. About half way though I gave up trying to talk my way through it because I was getting tired and really needed to concentrate. I think the hardest part for me was the 4 pin motherboard connector. I think I will do this again but with a much better setup and possibly someone to help me record.

Another note, it cuts off abruptly at the end because my camera ran out of record time. I had this whole message about the components too. :/

There will be a follow up video with a closer examination of the build coming soon!

As always, thanks for watching!

Parts List:

Coming soon!

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