Tips for Cleaning a Computer – Corsair 600T White

It’s about that time I cleaned my computer. This is how I go about cleaning my own computers as well as many other computers I work on for others. It is always good to have a clean computer because dust acts lie a blanket over your components and will generate more heat.

I lived in a place that had carpet and I kept my window open all the time. Also, I did not have to pay for electricity so I would run my computer on average of 18 hours a day, everyday. I mean everyday. Now that I moved, I don’t have carpet and I have to pay for electricity so I don’t run it when I am not home. And it is nice and clean now.

And for those who are saying that I don’t practice what I preach. Yes I know that I tell you to plug in the power cable to ground the machine and then proceed to clean without the cable plugged in. First off, this is a continuity error because I forgot to record and do it before I started cleaning. The clip of me telling you to plug in the cable was recorded after I already recorded me cleaning the machine. I recorded that part at the end and edited into before I started cleaning. Bad editing and bad scripting on my part.

As always, thanks for watching!

Corsair CC600TWM-WHT Special Edition Graphite Series
600T Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

Corsair Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case
with Mesh Side Panel CC600TM

Black & Decker HV9010P Retriever Pet-Series Cyclonic-Action Corded Dustbuster and Blower:

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