SGS2 Skyrocket is NOT Gorilla Glass [FAILED] Scratch Test

I conclude it is NOT Gorilla Glass.

There have been much debate about whether or not the glass on the SGS2 Skyrocket is made of Corning Gorilla Glass. There are a couple of sites like gsm arena and even Corning stating that the SGS2 is using Gorilla Glass (Corning lists the SGS2, not the SGS2 Skyrocket) but then there are forums with emails from representatives from tech support stating that it is not. Another Youtube viewer pointed out an interesting fact in my overview video of the Skyrocket and that was Samsung never advertised as a feature that the glass was made of Gorilla Glass. This was a very good point and I had to test it out with my own scratch test. So here it is uncut and in as HD as I can possibly get.

Here are the links to some info I found:


Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727 – Full phone specifications

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