Atrix 4G Rooted Apps, Custom ROM’s, and Backing Up

Yet another long video but honestly this is like 3 or 4 videos rolled into one. I made this after getting a lot of questions on what to do after rooting or why we should even root. Well here is why. I don’t have anymore info about what phones these methods will work on and honestly I would say just try it anyways and if it breaks, figure out a way of fixing it. I get comments sometimes from people who blame me for bricking there phone. This video you are watching is just another video of me showing you what I have learned and showing you what has worked for me. Good luck and have fun! Thanks for watching!

Chapter Markers:

Update Super User:

Quick Boot:

Root Call Blocker:

Samba File Sharing:

Wifi Tethering:

Wifi Kill

Titanium Backup:

ROM Manager:

Wifi Tether apk:


Darkside Rom:

More info on Darkside Rom:

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