Winners Cube Malfunction (Not Rigged)

WARNING: This video contains profanity. I apologize in advance but we were a little upset.

UPDATE: The manager contacted me and upon seeing this video they agree I won the prize. I will be picking up the Kinect later today. The video was not needed to prove that I won because there is a meter inside that records when someone wins a prize. I would like to thank the proprietors of the establishment for getting back to me and awarding me my prize.

I played this game to win a prize and when I won, I did not get my prize. The object of the game is to position the rod to line up perfectly with the opening. There is a button to move the rod to the right and when you let go it stops. Then you have to press the button to move the rod up vertically and when you let go it stops again and extends. If lined up perfectly the rod will push the prize out. If no lined up the rod hits the wall and retracts. I lined it up perfectly and the rod tried to push the prize out but it did retracted. My educated guess would be that the prize was too heavy and when the rod hit the box, it mistaken it for the all and retracted. In all fairness I think it is an error in the logic. I am trying to claim my prize so I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Special Thanks goes out to Skad8erateher for shooting the video for me!

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