Samsung Captivate Unlock

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Captivate is stuck using T-Mobile’s EDGE network, but hey, at least you just got your device unlocked for free! T-Mobile’s Vibrant is capable of using AT&T’s 3G network.

Download the SGSUnlock.apk here:

Yeah usually I have my HD camera setup to record with me standing over it but at this moment in time my friend was over with her t-mobile sim card and I had to jump on it. I did not have any of my gear with me and all I had was this laptop.

This is an app called SGS Unlock Tool that is available at the Android Market. I have not tried it on an un-rooted phone but it should work. This app is also suppose to work for all Samsung Galaxy S devices but I am pretty sure it’s only the Captivate from AT&T and T-Mobile since they are both GSM Networks. Verizon Fascinate and Sprint’s Epic 4G is on totally different networks so neither of those phones will work on anything else.

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