How to build a Hackintosh with 10.6.5 update

I really wished I could have made this video longer but at the time I only had a 15 minute limit. Now I have longer than 15 minutes and will try to make better and more detailed videos.

I built this system using the tonymacx86 instructions. It is a combination of iBoot and Multibeast.

Essentially iBoot is a boot disc (containing Chameleon Bootloader RC5) that makes it possible to get the Mac OSX Install DVD to run on your machine by loading the necessary kext (aka drivers).

Once the Mac OSX is installed on your drive it is still not bootable and that’s why you still need to load the iBoot disc in order to see the hard drive with Mac OS on it.

Multibeast is a program that contains the Chameleon Bootloader. It installs the bootloader to the hard drive with the Mac Os on it making it bootable on its own so you don’t need the iBoot disc anymore.

Multibeast has many kext(drivers) files needed to get the rest of your hardware working because the Chameleon Bootloader alone may not have everything you need like lan, sound, graphics enablers. You really have to know your hardware like what chipset your audio is using or lan card. If you pick and choose different kexts and it doesnt work then choose another one but remember that you have to re-pick the other settings as well.

Here is the link :

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