Lifehackers Hackintosh Overview

All the Hackintosh videos are for Intel CPU’s only. I do not know how to make a hackintosh using an AMD cpu.

This is a quick overview of the LifeHackers guide to building a hackintosh. I used different parts to see if I can do a cheaper build.

The G5 towers you see underneath are old Power PC and can not run Snow Leopard. The Labs that these towers use to be in have been replaced my iMacs. I built this server to manage all the iMacs in the Labs. The towers are still in use but only for internet access and that’s it.

Motherboard is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3L, CPU=Intel E8400, GPU=NVIDIA 9500GT, RAM=4GB OCZ PC2 6400, 1TB Seagate HD 7200.11, SATA DVD Burner, Cooler Master ATCS 840.

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